Invisible Undershirt

A tight cut, skin toned T-shirt with a wide and deep v-neck you can wear under any slim-fit shirt - without someone noticing the sleeves or the collar.

The combination of lyocell and elastan feels comfortable, light and is very breathable.

You can wear our invisible T-shirt under any of your favorite shirts, protect it from sweat stains and wear it more often.



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Size chart

Our shirts are designed to be slim fit and should therefore be worn close to the skin.
Confectionary size 44/46 46/48 50 52/54 56
Shirt size 36/37 38/39 40/41 42/43 44

Wash guide

To enjoy your invisible shirts as log as possible we recommend the following.

Washing instructions

Meaning: wash at 40 degrees or lower, do not bleach, do not tumble dry, dry flat, do not iron and do not dry clean.
In other words, wash it on 40 degrees, lay it down and leave it to dry. This will benefit the elasticity and fit